Parents and Educators, do your teens and young adults need guidance in planning their next steps in life? There isn't a clear road map for how and when to launch. In fact, 74% of young people report not feeling prepared for independent life after high school or even after university. Unfortunately, career counselors, while well-intentioned, are often bogged down with test preparation and academic requirements that they don't have the time and necessary resources to dive deep into the unique needs and desires of budding young professionals. The 'Prepare to launch' and 'Solo' programs are specifically designed to support students, students with special needs and young professionals to navigate this challenging transition to prepare for a life of meaningful and purposeful work.

My Education and Training

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Rachael Schaller, MA. MSc. has over 12 years of experience counseling and coaching students, parents, and professionals, navigating the K-12 school years and beyond. She has two master’s degrees in organizational behavior and school psychology, which provides her with a unique perspective working with clients.

After many years of witnessing firsthand the frustration of parents, educators, students, and students with special needs, lacking the available guidance and attention centered around career planning after high school, Rachael developed a coaching program that would help young adults plan for their future and successfully launch towards independence after high school and university.

She also enjoys coaching professionals embarking on new career paths, mid-life career transitions, and work-life balance issues.

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Service I Offer

Prepare to Launch

The ‘Prepare to Launch’ program is a four-week intensive group coaching experience designed to teach your teens and young adults to not only FEEL empowered but BE empowered to take control of their future by learning how to plan and be as prepared as possible BEFORE they find themselves overwhelmed and confused by the ‘too many choices’ society we have all come to know. The group explores together one’s unique attributes, identifying individual strengths, values and needs enabling them to overcome roadblocks and obstacles. They will learn how to capitalize on their skills and utilize their interests and gifts as leverage for motivation in accomplishing their future goals.

Note: Space is intentionally limited to 5-7 people per cohort, which honors everyone’s time within the group whilst building community and support for one another.


The ‘Solo’ program utilizes the same structure and tools as the ‘Prepare to Launch’ program but meets on a private 1:1 basis which allows for maximum individual attention. This program is highly recommended for students with special needs. (i.e. executive functioning/ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression) Four 60-minute weekly sessions are included in this coaching experience.

Individual Career Coaching

Individual Career Coaching is offered upon request for students and professionals wanting to explore a new career path, career transition, or work-life balance issues.

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